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Location ID# Title Description Cost
Rural 2029 Arndt Rd Extension Barlow to OR 99E 17040000
Rural 2039 Mulino Rd (13th St segment) Canby city limits to OR 213 24890000
Urban 2024 Thiessen Rd Add bikeways and pedways 24425800
Rural 2028 Stafford Rd / 65th Ave Add paved shoulders and turn lanes at major intersections 22078500
Urban 2025 Webster Rd Fill gaps in bikeways and pedways 19485300
Urban 2021 Jennings Ave Widen to 2-lane urban minor arterial standard with bikeway and pedway infill 13659827
Rural 2037 Henrici Rd Ferguson Rd to Redland Rd 17870000
Rural 1049 Amisigger Rd / Kelso Rd Add paved shoulders; turn lanes at Amisigger/OR 212 and Kelso/Richey; smooth curves. 13010000
Urban AI MV1 Stevens Road East-west roadway connecting Stevens Road to High Creek Road. Include sidewalk and bike lanes 9414874
Urban 1006 142nd Ave Add bikeways and pedways 14060000
Rural 2035 Hattan Rd Add paved shoulders and turn lanes at major intersections 15426300
Urban 2005 Jennifer St Add pedways 16082300
Rural 1055 Eagle Creek Rd Remove horizontal curve, relocate intersection, add paved shoulders and turn lanes at major intersection; investigate speed zone south of Currin Rd 10500000
Urban 1020 Fuller Rd Otty St to Johnson Creek Blvd 7580000
Urban 1022 Harmony Rd Construct bikeways and pedways 9760000
Rural 1082 Borland Rd Add paved shoulders 10290000
Urban AI MV2 Monterey Ave North-south roadway between project AI MV1 and Monterey Ave 4258545
Urban 2001 Clatsop St / Luther Rd Add turn lanes and signals at OR 213 intersection; add bikeways, pedways and traffic calming 8118000
Rural 2018 Eagle Creek Rd Add paved shoulders 14780500
Rural 1088 Stafford Rd Add paved shoulders and turn lanes at major intersections 8600000
Urban 1062 Concord Rd Fill gaps in pedway 7410800
Rural 2019 Firwood Rd Wildcat Mountain Dr to US 26 16840000
Rural 1086 Rosemont Rd Add paved shoulders and turn lanes at major intersections 8790000
Urban 1075 River Rd Fill gaps in bikeways and pedways 5710000
Urban 2007 Linwood Ave Add curbs/sidewalks, improve horizontal alignments 7605500
Rural 2036 Henrici Rd Add paved shoulders and turn lanes at major intersections 5196800
Urban 2006 Lake Rd Fill gaps in pedways 5670000
Rural 1108 Henrici Rd Beavercreek Rd to Ferguson Rd 4900000
Urban 1064 Courtney Ave River Rd to OR 99E (McLoughlin Blvd) 5010000
Rural 1125 Springwater Rd Add paved shoulders and turn lanes at major intersections 6330000
Urban 2022 Lake Oswego to Milwaukie Bridge Between Sellwood and Oregon City 10130000
Rural 1058 Richey Rd Add paved shoulders and left turn lane at Richey Rd and OR 212 4200000
Urban 1085 French Prairie Bridge Willamette River near I-5 9790000
Urban 1074 River Rd Add pedways 4880000
Urban 2023 Roots Rd Add pedways 4838000
Rural 1097 Beavercreek Rd Add paved shoulders and turn lanes at major intersections 11630000
Urban 1004 122nd Ave Add bikeways and turn lanes at major intersections 3010000
Rural 2017 362nd Ave Skogan Rd to OR 211 5980000
Rural 1081 Borland Rd Tualatin city limits to Stafford Rd 5680000
Urban 1066 Hull Ave Wilmot St  to Tims View Ave 4130000
Urban 2010 Monroe St / 72nd Ave / Thompson Rd Linwood Ave to Fuller Rd 3970000
Urban 1019 Flavel Dr Alberta Ave to County boundary 2410000
Rural 1059 Welches Rd US 26 to Birdie Ln 6360000
Rural 1099 Canby-Marquam Highway Reconstruct intersection; install northbound left-turn lane and southbound right-turn lane 3850000
Urban 1069 Oak Grove Blvd  Fill gaps in pedways and bikeways 2590000
Rural 2030 Barlow Rd Knights Bridge Rd to OR 99E 5400000
Urban 2015 Sunnyside Rd Modified boulevard treatment including lane redesign, medians, beautification, curb extensions, reconstructed sidewalks, landscaping, south side bikeways. Consider flashing yellow arrow for left-turns at signalized intersections. 5330000
Urban 3013 I-205 Ped / Bike Overpass Construct a bike / ped crossing over I-205 to connect transit services, businesses and residents 4900000
Urban 1063 Courtney Ave OR 99E to Oatfield Rd 1860000
Rural 2034 Dryland Rd Macksburg Rd S to Macksburg Rd N 3400000
Urban 1030 Johnson Creek Blvd Extend westbound left-turn lane and rebuild median; install dual northbound and southbound left-turn lanes 890000
Rural 1101 Clarkes Four Corners Intersection Reconstruct intersection 4490000
Urban 1073 Park Ave River Rd to OR 99E (McLoughlin Blvd) 1750000
Urban 2002 Evelyn St Add bikeways and pedways 1681000
Urban 1041 Otty Rd Fuller Rd to 92nd Ave 1216000
Urban AI S5 82nd Avenue Install double left, westbound Sunnyside to southbound 82nd Ave (east to south). Add median island for pedestrian crossing. Standardize NB right-turn lane 82nd to Sunnyside, including bike lane. 734891
Urban 1071 Oatfield Rd Oatfield Rd / Park Rd intersection 1060000
Rural 2042 Redland Rd Redland Rd / Fischers Mill Rd / Henrici Rd intersection 860000
Rural 1115 Molalla Ave Flooding Just south of city of Molalla 720000
Urban 1008 82nd Dr Fill in bikeways and pedways gaps 680000
Urban 1010 92nd Ave Fill gaps in pedways 480000
Urban 1077 Thiessen Rd Thiessen Rd / Aldercrest Rd intersection 570000
Urban 1072 Oatfield Rd Oatfield Rd / McNary Rd intersection 570000
Rural 1112 Lone Elder Rd Bridge Replace bridge (nearing the end of its useful life) and include paved shoulders 450000
Urban AI MV3 Johnson Creek Boulevard Turn lane improvements at 92nd/Johnson Creek Boulevard 467400
Urban 1014 Causey Ave  Fuller Rd to I-205 50000
Urban AI S8 82nd Avenue Traffic separator Monterey to Harmony/Sunnyside. 98400
Urban 1013 Boyer Dr / 85th Ave / Spencer Dr OR 213 to I-205 bike path 40000
Urban AI S12 97th Avenue Investigate improved striping including outside fog lines, and rumble striping. Verify lighting, drainage, surface friction. From Sunnybrook Blvd to Mather Rd 49200
Urban AI S4 82nd Avenue North entrance to Clackamas Town Center on 82nd make right in, right out only and remove signal. Perform traffic analysis as needed to evaluate traffic diversion to adjacent roadways and intersections. 69700
Urban AI S9 Bob Schumacher Road Investigate improved striping, including centerline rumble stripe. 49200
Urban 1009 85th Ave Causey Ave to Monterey Ave 30000
Urban AI S2 82nd Avenue In the vicinity of MP 8.50 put in enhanced pedestrian crossing to connect east side pedestrian ramp with walkway to neighborhood to west. 82000
Urban AI S7 82nd Avenue Install traffic separator from Sunnyside Rd to Sunnyside Dr (MP 9.15), advance street names. 17712
Urban AI S6 Causey Avenue Pedestrian Safety Audit - verify lighting, crosswalk striping, signing, at Causey Ave/85th Ave 30750
Urban AI S1 82nd Avenue Install traffic separator on 82nd Avenue to convert accesses at SE Hinckley at Columbia Bank/Union 76 on east side of 82nd Avenue to right-in/right-out. Create new circulation to route traffic to signal at SE Lindy. 4182