Clackamas County is setting a path to help the Clackamas Regional Center grow as a mixed-use, vibrant area that supports many ways of getting around. Learn more about the project and provide your input in this interactive online open house.

Feedback through this open house is now closed, though you are welcome to submit comments anytime through the project website: ClackamasConnections.org.

Project Information

Where do you want to go?

Learn about the project and give us YOUR vision for the area.
Tell us how we can support walking, biking, driving and taking transit in the area.
Give us feedback on the transportation performance measures which will impact future construction in the area.
Provide your input on the top transportation problems you see in the area.
Tell us where we should concentrate improvements for all types of travel.
Learn about next steps and other ways to get involved.

Project Overview and Vision

The Clackamas Regional Center is a major hub for commercial development, business and jobs in Clackamas County. In addition to the many people who live and work there, visitors flock to the area to shop at Clackamas Town Center, take care of their health needs at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center, take classes at the Clackamas Community College-Harmony Campus, and for a myriad of other reasons.

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Clackamas Regional Center

  • Clackamas Regional Center

    Clackamas Regional Center

What we've heard

We’ve heard from people in the area that it is important to make sure the Clackamas Regional Center continues to grow as a vibrant economic center that is easy to get around by all modes of travel—driving, biking, walking, or taking transit.

The Connections Project is studying land use and transportation planning tools to help support this vision.

What’s your vision?

Think about the future of the Clackamas Regional Center twenty years from now: what you would like to see in terms of how people get around and the types of businesses and services available.

What are five words that describe your vision for the area?

The Way YOU Get Around

Your responses to the questions on this page will help ensure the performance measures respond to what’s important to you.

I currently travel in the Clackamas Regional Center area by...

Driving or riding in a car or other motor vehicle (Check one.)
Riding a bike (Check one.)
Walking (Check one.)
Taking transit (bus or light rail) (Check one.)

Transportation Preferences and Barriers

Tell us how you would prefer to travel by selecting from the following statements:

(Check all that apply.)

What do you think are the main barriers to walking in this area?

(Check all that apply.)

What do you think are the main barriers to biking in this area?

(Check all that apply.)

What do you think are the main barriers to taking transit (bus or light rail) in this area?

(Check all that apply.)

Transportation Performance Measures

Transportation performance measures are the standards developers must meet in order to receive approval from the county to build new housing, businesses or commercial areas.

With new measures in place, new development would be required to support or improve multi-modal travel in the area to make it safer and easier to bike, drive, walk and take transit. For example, a new developer might be required to fund or install a new crosswalk, signaled intersection, improved sidewalks or bike lanes.

In the future, the possibility of new development will be evaluated based on how well it supports the following goals:

  • Less traffic congestion
  • Faster travel times
  • Improved safety for drivers
  • Improved safety and comfort for pedestrians
  • Improved safety and comfort for bicycles
  • More interconnected bike lanes and bike boulevards
  • More sidewalks that are connected to each other
  • More crosswalks and safer street crossing options
  • More bus stops, so that more people live within walking distance of a stop or station
  • Fewer vehicle related crashes
  • Slower traffic speeds in neighborhoods

Do the transportation performance goals make sense to you?

(Check one.)

Transportation Issues Map

The map below shows some of the major transportation issues we know about.

What are the main transportation issues that matter to you?

Use the map to tell us:

  • What transportation problems or issues do you have in the area?
  • What locations do you have a hard time traveling to?
  • How can we make it safer to get around?

Click the comment button to submit comments on the map. Once submitted, your comment will appear with an icon. To read other comments, just click the icons on the map. Click "Reset" to re-center the map.

Current land use and transportation plans include a number of projects (pdf, 2.6MB) to address some of these issues. However, we know that there’s still more work to do to improve the area for travel by all modes.

Multimodal Boundary

Where are improvements most needed?

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Clackamas Regional Center

  • Clackamas Regional Center

    Clackamas Regional Center

Currently, the Clackamas Regional Center has a lot of infrastructure for motorists: road design and construction have been focused primarily on moving cars, trucks and drivers. The project will consider adopting a boundary to designate where to concentrate future improvements for all types of travel. A potential effect of this boundary could be economic development and more balanced travel options for the area.

What should the boundary be?

Where do you think we should focus investments in transit, bike lanes and sidewalks?

(Check all that apply.)
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Next Steps

Thank you for your participation in this online open house. Your input will help shape the Clackamas Regional Center into a vibrant community where people can get around by many travel options.

Next Steps in the Study Process

  • December 2015: Finalize transportation performance measures and select a boundary for multimodal improvements
  • Winter 2016: Develop draft amendments and recommendations to be included in planning documents
  • Spring 2016: Public comment period on draft amendments and recommendations

Stay Involved

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Final Questions

Do you live or work within the Clackamas Regional Center boundary? (Check one.)
How did you hear about this online open house? (Check all that apply.)

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Demographic Information (Optional)

This project is requesting demographic information to evaluate the effectiveness of public outreach activities. The identity of individuals is kept confidential. The results are reported as totals only, and used solely to help improve future community engagement. Providing this information is voluntary and optional.

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